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Written nominations are required to evaluate and appraise the nominee’s accomplishments and merit. Nominators are expected to make a case for recognizing nominees by providing:

  • A highlight statement about the nominee’s accomplishments and impact
  • A description of how the nominee has advanced child development and rehabilitation as a sector and/or disability/accessibility issues
  • Why the nominee’s work and achievements exemplify innovation
  • What challenges were encountered in bringing the nominee’s work to completion
  • How the nominee contributed to at least two of the assessment criteria.

Nominators are encouraged to:

  • Be specific. Give examples and details of what the nominee/s have done to meet the selection criteria
  • Include as much qualitative and quantitative information as possible about the nominee’s work and contributions
  • If nominating a team, list all members and describe how they work collaboratively to the benefit of the child development and rehabilitation sector, and kids with disabilities and their families specifically.

Nominations for the EKO Tribute Award must be submitted online. Each nomination involves several components:

  • Name and email of person making the nomination. The most appropriate person to submit a nomination would be a recognized member of the community who is not from the same organization as the nominee and who can address the nominee’s impact on the broader community.
  • Contact information for the person/people/organization being nominated. It is EKO’s practice not to share who has nominated or endorsed candidates for consideration.
  • A concise statement (maximum 50 words) describing the key professional accomplishment for which the nominee/nominees merit/s this award.
  • Nomination statement (500-1000 words) addressing why the nominee should receive this award. This may describe the nominee’s work in general, but should draw particular attention to the contributions that merit the award.

Endorsement letters from at least one, and not more than four, endorsers.

Endorsers should represent a range of perspectives and institutions, and provide additional insights or evidence of the nominee’s/nominees’ impact. Endorsers do not need to be in Ontario. Select people who know the work of the nominee well, and will be able to explain why the nominee stands out. Having a variety in the endorsement letter writers (for example from different organizations, areas of impact) shows the reach and depth of the nominee’s accomplishments.

Each letter of endorsement must include the name and contact of the endorser, and should focus on the nominee’s accomplishments that endorser can attest to and place in context.

Nominators should collect the endorsement letters for submission along with the nomination.

For questions on the above, please contact us.


Nominations for the 2025 Tribute Awards will be open in the Fall of 2024.

Keys to a Strong Nomination

EKO’s Tribute Awards are the oldest and most prestigious recognition by the association of those who are changing the game for kids with disabilities and their families.

Preparing an effective nomination is the key to presenting the accomplishments of a candidate to the Tribute Award Review Committee and the EKO Board of Directors. Keep in mind these best practices when nominating candidates for EKO’s Tribute Awards:

  • Start as soon as nominations open in the Fall of 2024 to give yourself and endorsers time to complete all requirements
  • Research the award criteria and nominee’s accomplishments; select the appropriate award category
  • Write a well-documented case for your nominee; it’s essential to communicate effectively to give your nominee the best chance in a very competitive pool
  • Request letters of endorsement that present the breadth of impact the nominee has had for kids with disabilities and their families
  • Complete required fields in the nomination form
  • Submit by the deadline


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