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EKO Tribute Awards recognize Ontario organizations, teams and individuals that are champions in the following categories:

EKO Tribute Award - Advocacy

The EKO Tribute Award for Advocacy recognizes outstanding work and/or campaigns by individuals and organizations that drive change to advance child development and improve communities across Ontario.

EKO Tribute Award - Partnership

The EKO Tribute Award for Partnership recognizes organizations whose extraordinary collaborations bring innovative and creative solutions to better serve kids with disabilities, their families, and Ontario communities.

EKO Tribute Award - Leadership

The EKO Tribute Award for Leadership recognizes individuals and organizations that serve the needs of Ontario’s kids with disabilities and their families in innovative and lasting ways. Recipients are honoured for achieving positive results that improve awareness, procedures, practices, productivity and service excellence, and by serving as visionary and inspiring role models who encourage others to explore their potential.

Award of Excellence

The EKO Award of Excellence is the association’s highest honour, presented to an individual or organization whose work on behalf of Ontario’s child development sector has been extraordinary, and is significantly changing the lives of kids with disabilities and their families across the province. Recipients have made game-changing contributions in the sector, whether in service delivery, policy, education and research, and have achieved a provincial, national and/or international profile for their efforts.

In striving to recognize impactful change that benefits kids with disabilities and their families, and inspires others, EKO embraces diverse perspectives and encourages the nominations of all outstanding individuals and organizations. We invite the community to join us by nominating those who are changing the game for kids with disabilities—whether through pioneering service delivery and programs, research, technology, influence, or policy. The EKO Tribute Awards recognize the quality and impact of work and activities that help realize our vision: kids with disabilities and their families living their best lives.

Anyone can nominate an EKO Tribute awardee. Review our Guidelines for Tribute Award Submissions, and take a look at the FAQs.


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