Engaged Families


Engaged Families


CTCs are dedicated to providing family-centred services and have committed to measuring the degree to which their services are family-centred through use of the Measure of Processes of Care (MPOC), a survey which measures parents’ perceptions of the care they and their children receive.

Why is this important?

Research shows that outcomes for children and youth with special needs are improved when families are at the centre of care and that parents who perceive services as more family-centred are more satisfied with the services they receive.

Data Considerations

  • 11 out of 19 centres are using the MPOC tool and are able to report on it
  • the survey was distributed to 6,956 families; 2,090 surveys were completed (estimated response rate of 30%)

What did we learn?

The MPOC-20 has five scales as listed in the table below. The possible range for each scale score is 1 to 7, with 7 indicating higher levels of family-centred service. There is no overall summary score for the MPOC. When the responses for all 11 centres are aggregated, the average mean score for each scale is:


We can also look at the percentage of families who respond to the questions in a certain way.

The following table provides the percentage of families whose mean scores on each of the MPOC scales was between 5 (to a fairly great extent) and 7 (to a very great extent).


What does this mean?

The findings from this MPOC evaluation indicate that CTCs are providing services that parents perceive to be highly family-centred, particularly in areas related to being respectful and supportive of families, and offering services that are coordinated and holistic. Though the MPOC results demonstrate positive feedback from families, the CTC sector recognizes there is room for improvement in ways that are supportive to families.
Future evaluation of family- centredness across all CTCs using a consistent approach to administration and data analysis will improve the sector’s ability to make strategic recommendation for service delivery and to evaluate the impact of changes that are implemented.