Access to Service

Access to Service


Snapshot indicators of access to service provide a fiscal year-end summary of sector activity.
Key areas of utilization and performance include:

  • number of children and youth servednumber of visits provided
  • number of children and youth waiting

Wait times are key elements that impact the satisfaction of families with the responsiveness of services their children receive. As a result, the CTC sector has taken the initiative to develop performance targets associated with wait times and are measuring their performance against the following benchmarks:

  • 100% of children and youth receive an initial assessment within 90 days of referral
  • 100% of service for children and youth was initiated within 60 days of assessment

Why is this important?

For families in need, a responsive system is required. How quickly service is provided and how long children and youth wait for service are important measures that reflect access to service. CTCs are committed to moving children and youth from ‘waiting’ to ‘service’ as quickly as possible and also improving the experience of families who are waiting.

Data Considerations

  • 100% of MCYS funded Children’s Treatment Centres (20) reported on this data
  • 18 of 20 CTCs are on the same electronic client record platform reporting is based on the Management Information Systems (MIS) standard definitions within the Ontario Healthcare Reporting System (OHRS) maintained by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Health Data Services Branch
  • the profile of services delivered by each CTC has been shaped over time by community partnerships, community need, historic contract decisions and funding envelopes


  * these services not available at all CTCs